Rate Your Vendor

I am looking to expand my website to allow brides the ability to rate the vendors they used for their weddings and to allow future brides the ability to get real life reviews!

Here is your opportunity to tell other brides about your experiences during your wedding. Did you hire an awesome photographer; or did you end up with pictures of people’s feet instead of faces? Did the caterer prepare delicious food; or would have a Big Mac tasted better? The most important part is your rating (on a scale from 1-5; 1 being the lowest, 5 being the highest). Please include information you would have found helpful when you were a bride selecting a vendor. Think about what you want to know and share that information with other brides… the good and the bad!

All reviews will be posted in their entirety with the exception of edits for profane or offensive language.  

Please include:

Vendor/Company Name:

Vendor/Company type: (ex. Photographer, caterer, florist, etc.)

Contact person at Company:

Vendor/Company Address including city and state:

Vendor/Company Phone number:

Vendor/Company website:

Rating (on a scale from 1-5; 1 being the lowest, 5 being the highest):

Reason for your rating:

Wedding month and year:

Your name and email address: (This information will stay anonymous)

Please send the above information to: annrose@wcgevents.com

Rate as many of your vendors as you want! I want to hear the good and the bad! If you include pictures please make sure you have the rights to have them posted online (ex. From your photographer).

Please pass this information along! I want this to be a one stop shop for brides (and grooms) to get the real information about the people they are entrusting with their special day!

This information will have a special section on my website wcgevents.com so come check it out soon and check out your review!

Did your cake turn into a cake-catastrophe? Tell me about it!

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