Here you will find some posts from the past, which I hope will serve as inspration for your next event!

Glamorous Wedding

It’s Not Too Late for a Labor Day Soiree

Twilight Wedding Dress – Breaking Dawn

Carnival Themed Birthday

Challange – “Romantic Swap Wedding”

Challange – “Red-Neck Wedding”

Challange – “Tron Wedding”

Emmy Awards After Party

2012 Wedding Dress Trends

Phineas & Ferb Birthday

Celebrate Harry Potter Style

DIY Baby Shower Personal Touch

Lightning McQueen Birthday

“Simple Elegance” Wedding


One Response to “Inspiration”

  1. Heidi May 28, 2013 at 2:22 am #

    So I am a closet punk. I am a nice respectable Mormon girl too. I just have a bit of a wild streak and my alter ego is the rock star PINK! I adore old Victorian things, I collect clocks, and I am somewhat mechanical (change car oil, breaks, some parts etc…) So I have recently discovered that I love steampunk stuff. Would you create a Steampunk Wedding? Aim for more victorian style and a little less fantasy but with definite steampunk undertones. I love the use of mixed of metals. Browns, ivory, black, and copper colors. I also like deep blues, purples and deep reds. Surprise me! I love your work!

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