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A Hunger Games Alternate Ending Worthy of a Read!

Hello everyone!

For those of you wondering where I had gone I want to take a minute and tell you. After a lot of thought… I decided to follow a dream of attending cosmetology school. It was my plan to add hair styling and make-up services to my menu. I am happy to say I have completed and I am now a licensed cosmetologist in the state of Florida!

It wanted to reintroduce myself with a fun wedding concept. With the Hunger Games just released on Blu-ray and the anticipation of the next movie, I wanted to present an idea board for a wedding worthy of the Hunger Games series and pictures of beautiful braids worthy of Katniss herself.

In my quest to find such inspiration I came across a lot… and I mean a lot of alternate endings to the series.  Having not been completely satisfied myself with the way things turned out I was drawn to what others thought would be a good way to finish the series.  I read everything from Gale being President to a kind of Romeo and Juliet ending. I did however come across one that seemed to stand out from the rest; an in-depth way to finish the book. I am not an avid reader, but I enjoyed this version so much I decided to ditch my project and share it with you instead… So here is what I think to be a better way for the book “Mocking Jay” by Suzanne Collins to end.

I hope you like it as much as I did.

(Copied from external source)

“What you are about to read is my version of how the series The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins should have ended. It is written with no disrespect to the author. I hope you enjoy it:

The story picks up on page 312 of MOCKINGJAY

“Climb!” Gale barks at me. I’m back up, hauling him in, peering into the gloom for more. “No.” Gale turns my face to him and shakes his head. Uniform shredded. There’s a human cry from below as Finnick comes into view. I slide the Holo from my belt and choke out “nightlock, nightlock, nightlock.” Release it. Hunch against the wall with the others as the explosion rocks the platform and bits of mutt and human shoot out of the pipe and shower us.

There’s a clank as Pollux slams a cover over the pipe and locks it in place. The six of us stand there not sure what to say or think about what just happened. For a moment I feel paralyzed. I think, This is my fault! Before I have time for the severity of the situation I hear “Katniss run….” I am shocked back to reality just in time to put my gas mask on!


The fog is overwhelming. I can’t see anything or anyone. This fog is different than the stuff I had encountered in the area. It does not burn to the touch, but as soon as it surrounds me a feeling of panic sets in. It is as if all my fears have been compacted into a single moment. I can see Prim at the reaping being taken away. I see the mine my father is in as it explodes. I can hear Peeta screaming as he is tortured.  Suddenly a hand grabs me and we are running. Running where?  I do not know; but survival instincts start to kick in and I am no longer paralyzed I am stronger and faster than I have been before. We are running for what seems like an eternity. Just as my legs are about to give out from under me, we turn down an alley and we seem to elude the fog. Why can’t the fog travel down this seemingly abandoned alleyway? What horror are we to encounter here? As my vision is restored and I realize I have lost the rest of my team and just Peeta and I stand alone in this damp, dark alley.

I look to him when we realize we are not alone in this alley. A figure appears what seems to be out of nowhere. A woman not fancy like the other women in the capitol. She is modestly dressed in a black linen dress covered by a simple grey apron and a gold patch over one eye. Her flowing black hair look like flowing liquid coal with silver specks and almost moves independently from her unsteady and broken stride. Her visible eye is as dark as the night sky and her skin as white as freshly fallen snow. She walks toward us with just the sound of her cane clicking against the cold stone ground. A strange feeling starts to take over my body. Not one of fear or uncertainty of the unknown that I had just been drowning in; but a sense of familiarity. Like I know, or should know this strange woman in my presence. Without a word she gestures to a doorway to what looks like an abandoned building. I don’t have even a thought to run. Peeta and I exchange glances and follow her unquestionably. Is it the gas that has caused us to lose our judgment? Is this just another trap set up by the Capitol? I don’t know but before I even question it I am standing in a room I have feel I have seen before and she is locking the door behind us.

This place has a strange sense of familiarity. The stone walls and floor remind me of the last remaining building standing by the lake back in District 12. However, the walls are covered with dried herbs and plants I have never seen before. A strange plant that bears a glowing red flower so large that the thin stem it grows on has no business of being able to support its weight. There are shelves full of glass bottles. Each full of a different liquid, powder or salt of every color of the rainbow; some have substances that are truly unrecognizable. Creatures I have never seen before float in gelatinous goo. There is a small fireplace in the corner that is burning with a dim and subtle blue flame, which emits no smoke or burning fragrance into the air.  Although this place seems like no one has entered it for years not a speck of dust can be seen and the air smells as fresh as after a rain storm. The room has no windows or means for light to enter but it is glowing with the warmth of a spring day I remember from home. For a moment I close my eyes and I am back in District 12, Gale and I have finished our hunt for the day and our skin glows with the warmth of the sun that is disappearing in the distance. “You must be hungry” the woman says to us and takes me from my home and brings me back to the little shop we now stand. In the short time we have been standing there she has prepared a table with warm tea, steaming fresh baked bread and jam. Peeta and I sit down without hesitation. She passes me some tea in a cup that looks like it has no place in a shop like this, it reminds me of the kind Effie would use on the train. Another cup sits in front of her and one for Peeta. She takes a drink. I look at my tea and the aroma is intoxicating. Its smell is like a memory made just for me. Of days at the lake with my dad and time spent with Prim. I take a big gulp and in a moment I feel warm and at ease. Peeta takes a break from shoveling bread into his mouth to take a drink from his cup; but in a moment his reaction to the tea is nothing like my own. Peeta’s eyes are only white as he convulses and falls to the floor. In a second I am angry. All the love and warmth that had just engulfed me is gone and I stare at this woman wanting to kill her for what she has done to me. “What have you done to him” I scream to her. The woman walks to me with no fear or reluctance. I am sure the hate I feel for her right now is pouring out of me. But she takes my hand and looks deep into my eyes and says “Poison in, poison out.” My instinct to snatch my hand away and kill this woman is subdued when I look and see a glowing yellow fluid running from Peeta’s ears.

She releases my hand and walks back to the table. I have a thousand questions running through my mind but can’t seem to put anything into words. I want to know what is happening, I want to know if Peeta will be ok, I want to know if this woman somehow knows me or what will happen to us. I remove Peetas handcuffs and I sit holding his hand. His body is cold to the touch but he is sweating with fever. It reminds me of so many people that would come to my mother for her to cure them over the years. I wonder to myself if he will be able to survive this when I have seen so many that haven’t survived less.  I sit and watch her intently as she slowly stirs and sips her tea. She moves with no haste, picks up my tea and bread and crosses it over to me. She slowly returns to her chair and watches Peeta quietly and starts to sings a song I have never heard before.

The old mans been stealin she’s holdin the greevin for hundred odd years we all keep believin that history repeats itself year after year. how fears that the future is worse we have to give in to a hundred year curse sweatin the sun like we’re diggin a grave dig deep enogh and our fortune is saved

if only if only the woodpecker sighs the bark on the trees was as soft as the sky as the wolf waits below hungy and lonely he cries to the moo-oo-oon if only if only

chasin the sky our beautiful wife you make mistakes and it’s my back that breaks and forever my prosteals my life to submission I’m beat but there’s hope beneath these feet blisters and blood and the sun makes you blind you don’t let it eat ya it can’t help but be kind cause you know what’s important with your back to the wall you can break metal chains and your friends don’t let you fall

if only if only the woodpecker sighs the bark on the trees was as soft as the sky as the wolf waits below hungry and lonely he cries to the moo-oo-oon If only if only

I’m a sun but I found myself a plant there’s no use when I’m fighten my history fightin my history i have no place I’m a light feather there’s no use when I’m fighten my history fighten my history I have no place I’m more like a feather but i can’t fly away when I’m fighten myself

if only if only the woodpecker sighs the bark on the trees was as soft as the sky as the wolf waits below hungy and lonely he cries to the moo-oo-oon if only if only1

Time seems to have stopped as we sit there and just stare into each other’s eyes. But hours have passed in what seems like just minutes. I sit drinking my tea and eating the bread and feeling stronger and more alive with each drink and bite.  I feel as though my brain has caught up to my mouth and I am about to ask this woman all the questions that I have been swimming in when I hear a sound I haven’t heard in months.

“Katniss?” the voice is soft and unsteady but I know in an instant it is Peeta. Not the Peeta that has been with us for the past few months but the Peeta I knew back in the arena and before. “What happened?” he says. “I had this dream that someone was telling me I should hate you and that you are the reason I was feeling so much pain. They were shooting me with needles and I could hear myself screaming. Then I was in a room with my hands around your neck, hating you and wishing you were dead. Soon we were running and angry mutts were chasing us.” He is cold and is drifting in and out of consciousness. Then I remember the tea. I bring him his cup and as soon as it touches his lips I can see that he is starting to figure things out in his head. With each drink it is as though the cloud he had been trapped in has disappeared and by the time he has finished his cup I have my old Peeta back.

He just looks at me with tears in his eyes and without wavering I wrap my arms around him and I kiss him with every ounce of my being. My body is as hot as fire and for what feels like an eternity I am floating with him. It is just the two of us. I feel a rush of happiness like all the misery from Peeta being so distant so long has turned into a feeling I can only describe as internal fire. I realize in that one moment that the love I feel for Gale and the love I feel for Peeta are completely different. I want to tell him all the things I am thinking and feeling. But I am brought back to reality by the sound of the taping cane against the hard stone floor as the woman leaves the room and Peeta and I are alone once again.

Although I am overjoyed that Peeta is with me once again the realization of our current situation grounds me. “What are we going to do” he says. As soon as the words escape his lips I know what we have to do. “We have to do what we came here to do; I have to kill Snow.”

As suddenly as it had happened in the apartment just after the pod exploded, a bright light from a small screen illuminates the small shop and Snow is right in front of us. “It is upon good authority that we believe the rebel army is failing. They are becoming desperate in their attempts to vanish the way of life we have grown accustom to are taking desperate measures.  Because I care so deeply of the people in this Capitol I have decided I am opening my doors to all who have been displaced during these tragic events.” Snow is standing in a small white room with the Capitol flag behind him. He has a white rose in his lapel and his mouth glows red. I am quickly reminded of the smell of roses and blood during his visit to me. The thought of this scent no longer makes me sick but angry, I am ready to charge the screen and smash it to the floor when a scene of people making their way into the Capitol building fills the screen, “So I say to you, end this now while lives can still be saved.”  And as quickly as the light went on it goes off.

I don’t know where Gale or the others are, I don’t know if they are dead or alive but I do know that if I am to succeed we will have to disguise ourselves and slip into the Capitol with all the others. Just as these thoughts are forming in my head the woman has returned with a mound of beautifully adorned garments.

Peeta and I get dressed at once. It is easy to cover our uniforms with the winter clothes they wear in the Capitol. Besides the soft pants and sweater that I have slipped on I have a bright white cape with hood that covers me from head to toe.  Peeta is in black with a silk and wool cap that is fur lined so that it makes his blonde hair appear almost black.  We both have fur boot covers that slip over our boots and must be quite the fashion statement in the Capitol. We both wrap scarfs around our faces and are thankful that this is happening in the dead of winter for if it was summer we would not so easily be able to conceal our identities.

I turn to the woman to thank her for all she has done for us, to tell her as much as we appreciate it all we have a plan and we have to leave now, but before I can even get a word out she says “I know; it is time for you to go”. With that she shows us to the door, different than the one we had entered in. She turns the knob and a gust of cold wind blows inside that could chill a person to the bone if they weren’t as bundled up as we are. I grab Peeta’s hand and we step out into the cold. We take a few steps and we can see the Capitol right in front of us. People are filling the streets filing in the grand front doors. I don’t remember being so close. Have we really been there the whole time just steps outside the Capitol and not even knowing it? I turn around about to ask this very question when I realize the door we had just stepped out of no longer exists. I look to Peeta and before I can question this he pulls me out into the crowd toward the Capitol’s front door.


There is a sense of urgency in the air as we walk toward the Capitol. No one is pushing or running, but the looks on people’s faces is enough to know that they are scared.  Everyone is as bundled up as we are. People are carrying what must be their prize possessions; boxes and bags, small children and animals. We walk through the grand doors into the Capitol building.  It is grander than I could have even imagined with golden walls and ceilings. With larger than life statues of important Capitol people with Snow’s being the largest of them all. The crowd is getting anxious and pushes and pulls us with it. Suddenly a woman screams out “it’s her”. I look up and a wall of peacekeepers are running full force toward me. The room is in panic as Peeta is pulled from my grips and all I can do is watch as he is taken with the crowd farther and farther from me. Just when I think all is lost and I am about to be captured the crowd takes me as the Peacekeepers run past and tackle a woman who was standing just behind me with a long braid showing from underneath a snow cap.

I am swept with the crowd into a hallway. I regain my footing and decide to distance myself as far as I can from the commotion going on behind me. All I hear is screaming and then gun shots. I walk quickly down one corridor and then another. Before I realize it I am all alone and it cannot be good to be all alone in a place like this. It is too quite. I stand there and listen. I hear nothing. I think I should run. I wonder where Peeta is and how I can get to him. Then suddenly I hear a faint yet familiar voice. But who is it and where is it coming from? Before I can even think my feet are following it. I have to stop frequently and wait for it to start again. My heart is pounding in my chest as I get closer. I step inside a dark room, there are several small glass desks all with small vases of roses on them but otherwise the room is abandoned. I follow into another dark room as the voice gets louder. There are only two desks in this room but there are vases and bushes full of roses. There is a glowing light coming from a doorway in the corner. I slowly inch my way across the room careful as to not make a sound. I can hear Snow and as I position myself I can see through the small crack in the doorway and with Snow stands President Coin.

“So do we have an agreement?” says Snow. They are standing by a desk with a flag of the Capitol behind it. I recognize it from the emergency broadcasts.  President Snow has a pen in her hand and she is reading over a document. “Then the games will continue as planned” says Coin. What, games continue? What could she mean? What is she doing here? My heart is pounding and my blood is boiling up inside me, I remember what Boggs said to me “trust no-one” could he have known about this? I stay calm and still to listen to what is going on. “I have made the changes you insisted upon at our last meeting” says Snow. Last meeting? How long has this been going on? Have President Coin and Snow been controlling this the whole time? The games have never ended and instead of just the 24 of us in an arena everyone is now a player. “It is the only way to keep the people at bay and under our control” says Snow. Our control, I think. “I will step down and you will have ultimate control over the Capitol and the people to run how you see fit. I will remain as second in command, as an advisor to you” Snow continues. President Coin is quiet for some time. I reach for my bow; my instinct to charge into the office and kill the both of them is put to rest when I hear Coin say “Alright, you can keep our silly games. We have a deal.” She raises the pen to her mouth and licks the tip as she always has before using any writing instrument and puts the pen to the paper. The games not ending? All I can think about is Prim’s name being called and nothing I can do to stop it. I realize we will never be free from the torturous control of the Capitol. They will always be there to control us and keep us as pons in their games killing each other for their own entertainment and amusement. I can no longer control my anger. I burst through the door bow and arrow drawn. Snow and Coin looked shocked and amused at my entrance.

“Why Katniss whatever are you doing here?” Coin says calmly. I am screaming with rage in my voice, “What am I doing here? What are you doing here? What are you doing here WITH HIM? Has this all been some sort of game for the two of you? Playing with all our lives; watching us as we watch our families and friends die. What was all your talk of the people having a say” I could keep going but I am stopped by the sound of laughter coming from the two people who stand before me. “Don’t be so naive Katniss” Coin says. “War and even the simple emotion of fear will make people do whatever we say. How else do you think the people would so willingly follow our every command? When people start to question authority, authority has to put them back in their place” she continues. “But all those people trusted you” I say. “And they will continue to trust me once this is all done and over with. Everyone is disposable including you. I thought we had taken care of you with the black gas” she tells me.  “Never the less we will take care of you now…” Coin stops and has a confused look on her face. She tries to speak again but no words can escape her now blue lips. She grabs at her throat and looks from the pen in her hand to Snow and back again. She lunges toward him but in an instant she is dead on the floor and I am left standing there with Snow. I can see the anger growing in his face. His normal pale white complexion is becoming red. “She didn’t sign yet. You ruined everything” He is screaming at me. The man I knew who calmly stood in my home in front of me and said he would kill everyone I loved seemed to be losing his mind right in front of my eyes. He reaches to his waist and starts to pull some kind of weapon. And before he has time to point it in my direction an arrow is released from my bow and is now embedded into his chest.

As the blood pours from Snows mouth and he collapse on the floor dead a rush of people in uniform storm into the office and take me away.  I look around quickly and do not see a single familiar face. I thrash and fight to try and break free from their grasps but the sheer number of them is too much to take at once. I don’t know if it is real or if I imagine it but I hear Peeta’s voice calling me from a distance.  I am then thrown into the back of a van and before I can scream a mist sprays me from above and I am knocked out.


I wake up back in my room at the training center. Everything is as I remember it. There is a robe laid across the chair by the door. I go to the door and try to open it but it is locked. I quietly listen to see if I can hear anyone, but there is only silence. I am exhausted by the events still fresh in my mind so I slip off my Mockingjay suit and program the shower. I stand there and let the warm water rush over my body. The scent of fresh apples and cut grass fill the air. I start to ask myself, Is this all real? Did everything I think just happened, happen? I say to myself I am Katniss Everdeen. I am seventeen years old. I was in the Hunger Games. I killed President Snow. As I bring myself to realize everything did happen I also realize I am not sorry for any of it. They can come and kill me but I know I did the right thing. Snow and Coin were in it together and no one would be safe if either of them were in power. I step out of the shower to find a fresh set of clothes and hot lamb stew with plums is waiting for me. Full of self-confidence I dress and eat. I take my time and enjoy each bite thinking it may be my last.  A few days pass and no one comes, only food appears and empty dishes taken away. I look for a way to escape by the room in impenetrable.   I try to think maybe I was wrong. Maybe I did the wrong thing, but I cannot convince myself of it.

At last the door opens and a man in a gray soldier’s uniform enters. He says nothing to me but motions for me to come with him. I know this is it. I can try to run, but I don’t. I am fully aware of my actions and I take full responsibility for all of them. I know even if they kill me, Snow or Coin will never be able to control me again.

I walk with him quietly and we take the elevator to a place I have never been before. We step off into a hallway where the walls and ceiling are all made of black marble. Light is filtering in from small windows that line the top of the hallway; too small for anybody to wedge their way through, but I am not thinking of running.  We stop at a door and it slides open. I step inside waiting to find out what my fate will be when the door slams behind me and Peeta is standing in front of me.

For a moment it is like no time has passed. We are soon wrapped in each other’s arms. I could stay here in his arms forever when the thought of Cinna comes to mind. Is this what they are doing? Did they bring me here to watch Peeta die? I did not even think this could be an option. Would Prim, Gale and my mother be coming to join us soon too? Would I have to watch as they all are all taken from me before they kill me? Before I have a chance to speak Petta says “Katniss, where have you been? What have they done to you?” I look to him with a quizzical face and say “Nothing, I have been locked in my training room.” He looks confused but goes on to tell me that they have been studying him. “They don’t understand how there is no trace of the tracker-jacker venom in my system. They have never seen anyone recover from it before” he says. “They tell me it is a miracle.”  I listen to him speak and do everything I can not to yell out how I feel about him. I realize my love for him is stronger than it ever has been before. I know that all the time I spent confused about the way I felt was because I had never felt that way before and even if we only have a few moments to spend together before we die I am glad I am with him. I want to say all this to him when the door slides open again and Paylor walks in.

Without acknowledging us he crosses to a table in the middle of the room and sits down. He then gestures for us to join him. There are two other chairs and Peeta and I take our seats. Peeta is the first to speak “What are we doing here?” “Is that really what you want to know?” Paylor says. “How about I tell you what has happened to bring you to where you are now.”Peeta and I nod in agreement. So he starts “Once you were taken from the office the realization of what stood before us came to a head. We had just taken control of the Capitol and now Snow and Coin lied in front of us, dead. We all stood speechless for a few moments. Until, it was discovered that a camera in the wall of the room had captured all that had taken place. We learned that this was not the first meeting between Snow and Coin. It became clear that the state of Panem would have been worse off with either of them in charge. We learned it was Snows plan to let Coin believe he was giving her control so she would sign the contract. Once that was done and she was dead from the poison on her pen Snow would be once again be in charge of everything including District 13.” A screen comes down from the ceiling and we are watching the meetings of Snow and Coin in the office. We see them negotiating their demands. We watch as they give one life for another as they joke about us suffering and dyeing.  We then see Snow dip the tip of the pen in bright red liquid moments before Coin enters for what turns out to be their last meeting. Soon I am watching myself burst into the room and yelling at the two of them. Coin collapses and I see myself as I shoot Snow through the heart. The army then storms in and I watch as I am taken away. I see Paylor and the others walk in and I can see the confusion in their faces as the room goes silent until a solider says, “sir I think you should see this.” Paylors face comes into full view of the screen and then it goes black.  “After that it took a few days but the contract was located, people were questioned and everything we saw was confirmed.”

Peeta and I sit there stunted for only a moment when the questions fly from our lips like rapid gun fire. He is asking about the state of Panem. I am asking about Prim, mom, Gale, Finnick the rest of the team and everyone else I can think of.  Paylor just sits there until we finish. He tells us that Panem is in good hands. He tells us an emergency election was held and he was appointed President and Plutchard was appointed secretary of communications. He tells us that from here on out everyone will have a say in how the country is run. He goes on to tell us that my mom and Prim are fine, Finnick is back with Annie who never realized he was gone, Gale had been asked to lead a special team in District Two. And that the video we just watched will never be spoken of again.  “You two are free to go home” Paylor says. Home? I think. With that Paylor gets up from table and says “That is, if that is all you have for me.” Peeta and I look at each other and I say “There is one more thing President.”


Everyone is there, capitol people and district people all seated together in rows. I have never seen so many people in one place. District 12 looks like it never has before. The black coal dust that once sat on every nook and cranny was replaced with beautiful wildflowers. I am standing in a white gown like no other. It was found in a closet at the Capitol. The moment I saw it I knew it was the dress Cinna had meant for me to wear. The soft fabric was like nothing I had touched before. It was draped just so it looked as I was floating on air. It had a simple elegance about it and when I put it on I could almost feel Cinna’s embrace.  Peeta was waiting for me. A sweet melody starts to play as I walked down a long aisle with people all around me, eyes all fixed upon me. I am not nervous about being the center of attention for once. I know that what stands in front of me is the future I dreamed about but before I was too scared to go after it. I reach the end of the aisle and Peeta takes my hand. I look into his blue eyes and I know; I am not scared anymore!


They play together in the Meadow. She is dancing and singing with her dark hair flowing in the wind behind her and her eyes so blue they match the sky. The boy with blond curls and gray eyes struggles to keep up with her on his chubby toddler legs. It took no time at all for me to agree, Peeta wanted them so badly.

“Have you been waiting long” a voice calls from behind us. It is Prim she is on break from school. She is learning to become a doctor. “No” I say. “The others should be here soon.” We sit together and watch the two play as we wait for Finnick and Annie to join us.

The questions are just beginning. The arenas have been destroyed; the memorials built, there are no more Hunger Games; but they teach about them at school. The girl knows we played a role in them. The boys will know in a few years. Things are different now. The mines are closed and new factories line the streets of what use to be District 12. The fences are all gone and everyone is able to come and go as they please. Sometimes I sit and think about what has happened and wonder if I would have changed anything, but I stop and look deep into Peeta’s eyes and then to our children and I say to myself. I am Katniss Everdeen Mellark. I am married to the most wonderful man alive. I have two beautiful children. My son is named after my father, Phox and my daughter is Rue. There are no more Hunger Games. We are free, and it is because of me.2

1-      Sachar L. (1998) Holes: New York: Farrar, Straus and Giroux

2-      Collins S. (2010) Scholastic Press New York

As you can see I wanted to give Katniss something more. She started out as such a strong character volunteering at the reaping for her sister in the first book; I wanted her to become stronger in the end.  For me, at least, I like my stories to have truly happy endings and I think for all that Katniss had been through she deserved her Happily Ever After.”

What do you think?

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  1. Heidi at 11:07 am #

    I freakin’ cried! This is truly a better ending. I understand the sorrow and destruction of war. War is humbling and will deteriorate the soul. But I read to escape the real world. I wanted so much more for Katniss and felt let down in the real ending of Hunger Games series. This ending gives me that. Thanks Ann for finding it and posting it!

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