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It’s all in the name!

30 Dec

Recently, someone asked me “What does WCG stand for?”  It made me think for a moment… When I chose WCG I thought it would be a good way to shorten the expression for my business; but I realized it may have gotten lost in translation. WCG Events is: Wondrous, Creative, Glorious Events!  Your event will be Wondrously Envisioned, Creatively Executed and Gloriously Remembered by you and your guests! WCG is more than just a few random letters it is a unique approach at developing your perfect event! What can WCG mean to you?


Wedding Can Do!

24 Dec

I recently was watching one of those extravagant bridal shows on T.V. You know the ones where a “professional” comes in and takes care of everything. I like these shows because they give me great ideas and truly inspire me. But there was one thing that really stood out. The professional wedding planner said “What was she thinking”. This comment really bothered me. I thought to myself, “she was probably thinking; “I have a budget and this is what I was able to do with it.” This wedding planner has an extensive team and an unlimited budget! I am sure the bride would have loved to fly in out-of-season exotic flowers for her center pieces but they were probably not in her budget. This is what I believe to be my specialty. I have a way of keeping costs within budget without the look of anything being cheap. In this day and age people need to be creative and find ways to achieve their vision with creativity and within a reasonable budget. If this sounds familiar and you are stuck on what you should do; shoot me an email! I would love to talk to you (consultations are always free) about what you can do to achieve the look you want, without breaking the bank. I truly believe “Nothing should stand in the way of your perfect event!”  Don’t give up! “Where there is a will there is a way”! Good luck!

Just because it is inexpensive doesn't mean it has to look cheap!

The New Year is approaching… how will you ring it in?

13 Dec

The year will soon be coming to an end and if you are anything like me you are asking yourself; where did the time go? New Years is a perfect time to take a moment to reflect on the past year and get together with people who mean the most to you. This does not have to be a fancy expensive gathering. This is about celebrating your year with the people you love and that love you. A great way to have a cost effective celebration is to have everyone bring a dish and a bottle of their favorite wine to share. Have everyone bring something that represents a special memory they had during the year. Did they have a fabulous 4th of July BBQ, bring something that represents that! Have everyone write on a note card what the dish is and why it is important to them. This is a great way to start conversation and to bring joy and celebration to the end of the year. Events don’t always have to be formal affairs. But they should always be affairs of the heart. So make it a priority this New Years to let the people who have most affected your life over the past year know just how important they are.

A potluck allows for great variety… everyone is bound to find something they like!

A failure to plan is a plan to fail

7 Dec

You determine which way you want to go...

Planning an event can feel like a whirlwind! So many details, so many calls to make, so many things to remember… That is why it is so important to keep track of all your details! For me I like to make list, especially checklists, so I know what has and hasn’t been done. I also like to create a folder with all my details for an event in one place. I will keep pictures that inspire me, important phone numbers and a calendar of things to do all in my folder so I can stay organized. I have some important checklists available for download from my website ( that will help you keep your wedding planning in order, complete with a prepared excel spreadsheet so you can keep track of your budget. Don’t fail to plan! Be organized and have a fun and successful event! 

A folder with seperate tabs is a great way to stay organized!


6 Dec

I went to my friend Melissa’s, son’s birthday this weekend, and can I tell you how inspiring! My friend Melissa is amazing! She had a Little Einstein party complete with a variety of international food. A little taste of everything! And to top it off she created this amazing cake. She said she found the instructions online and look for yourself it was beautiful. She reminded me that inspiration comes from everything around us in all different forms. A party can have a specific theme like this one, or it can be subtle like pulling colors from your favorite painting and creating your color pallet for your event around that. Let what inspires you move you through planning your next event and see just how amazing it can be!

This cake is homemade!

What a beautiful display!

Make it Personal!

3 Dec

Do you have a special event coming up? Maybe you have family coming for the holiday’s. Or, maybe you are planning an extravagant event with hundreds of guests. Either way make sure you personalize the event. Have some of your favorite flowers around, play some music that really moves you, serve some food that makes you feel good deep down inside, display pictures of you and your guests to spark conversations. No matter what you choose make sure your decisions come from the heart. An event planned with love will always have a feeling of being a special event to all of your guests!

These are one of my favorite flowers! Something about their delicate nature and exquisite blossoms full of fragrance makes my heart sing!

Winter has arrived in Florida!

2 Dec

Winter has made it to Florida but this is no time to pack up your party planning. For us Floridians it is the best time of year to finally get out and enjoy the outdoors without melting! But if your party plans are set to be inside; why not bring the outside in? Below is a picture of some fabulous arrangements made simply from branches and battery powered twinkle lights. What beautiful (and inexpensive) pieces these are! Even if you are not a self proclaimed do it yourselfer I know you could easily pull this off!

Hello world!

1 Dec

“Nothing should stand in the way of your perfect event”

Hello World. I am excited to start my first blog. I want this blog to be a helpful resource for anyone planning a wedding or special event in their life. I am the owner of WCG Events of Tampa Bay and I believe that everyone deserves to have a special event no matter their budget.  I am here to answer questions or just provide tips and tricks for planning your next special event. Please feel free to contact me or visit my website Or check out my pages here for inpiration and ideas for one of your upcoming events! I am here for you! Let’s celebrate!